Buying Long Shipping Boxes - What You Need To Know

Buying Long Shipping Boxes - What You Need To Know

Long shipping boxes are, well, long and almost flat. They are available in a range of dimensions and are perfect for shipping items that can't fit in standard boxes, but still need to be transported great distances. The kind of items that you might want to put into a long box includes; golf clubs, maps, fishing poles and possibly rifles or muskets. These boxes will keep all of your products safe and secure so that they will arrive at the destination in perfect condition.

Long shipping boxes are generally made from cardboard or wood. The cardboard boxes feature corrugated fiberboard for extra strength and durability. These boxes can used to ship a large range of long goods. Wooden boxes need to be lightweight and are quite often the more expensive type of shipping unit, but they are ideal if you need to transport rifles or muskets.

There are many different types of dimensions that are used for long boxes, but the standard ones are 12 x 4 x 4 and 20 x 8 x 8. This wide spectrum of sizes is why long boxes have become so popular and widely used by the business world. How else would you receive that lucky golf club that you need to on the 18th hole in order to gain an eagle and secure your victory? The answer is a long box.

If you are operating a business that specializes in transporting many different products then you will want your box to stand out. It is possible to personalize a long box because they are made from cardboard and are generally available in traditional brown, but you could send the box to a printing firm so that you logo is featured and this will give you some free advertising as well. Regardless of whether you buy cardboard or wooden boxes you can get a little creative so that the recipient knows that they are from you without even having to open them.

Long boxes are not normally found in a lot of high street shops so you might have to get a little creative with your shopping, or your could just shop online. By making the best out of the services that are offered on the World Wide Web you will discover the wide selection of boxes that are available and maybe some extra little bonuses. If you are planning to transport any rifles then you will have to search for a specialist shop, but don't worry there are plenty of them around. By shopping online not only will you find it easy and cost effective, but its also incredibly convenient.

Long shipping boxes are practically a custom made product, well that's if they weren't available on the internet. However, your customers might feel special and unique if their goods arrive in a box that matches the contents requirements.

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